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Exclusive plot of land perfect for a Hotel-Resort in Costa Dorada-Spain

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

A highly profitable business

Discover the benefits of investing in this plot of land, named Arcs Daurada. It is a three-hectare plot of land located in Cambrils, in the Costa Dorada, and it is totally prepared for its urban development and for building a hotel-resort.

A unique investment opportunity in Cambrils, the heart of the Costa Dorada, land of golden beaches, nature and a good quality of life, as well as being one of the best, leading tourist destinations in the Mediterranean.


This plot of land is located south of the town of Vinyols i els Arcs. It is 800 meters (874.89 yd) away from Cambrils’ tourist, gastronomic and commercial center, and from its main golden-sand beaches and its picture-perfect port —which is a nautical, sportive and fishing port— in the province of Tarragona, located in the Costa Dorada in Spain.

This plot of land’s location represents an ideal situation because it is:

  • Less than 500 m away, that is, 1640.42 ft (5 minutes) away from three supermarkets, grocery stores, workshops, a hospital, sports facilities and more.

  • 5 minutes away from the best beaches in Cambrils, an internationally-known destination for family tourism.

  • 10 minutes away from Salou —tourist town par excellence— and Port Aventura.

  • 10 minutes away from the international airport in Reus.

  • 15 minutes away from three international golf courses (BonMont Terres Noves, Reus Aigüesverds and Lumine Hills).

  • 15 minutes away from Tarragona —with its architectural ensemble, an UNESCO World Heritage Site— and Reus —internationally known as a shopping city for its modernist heritage and its large, diverse cultural offer.

  • 20 minutes away from the high-speed train station (Renfe’s AVE).

  • 30 minutes away from Priorat, a wine-producing area of great relevance.

  • 40 minutes away from Delta del Ebro, an extraordinary place of natural interest.

  • 1 hour away from El Parc Natural del Montsant and Montañas de Prades, a preeminent nature reserve.

  • 1 hour away from Barcelona, the most cosmopolitan city open to the Mediterranean.

Area description

This plot of land is 800 m (that is, 874.89 yd) away from Cambrils’ tourist, gastronomic and commercial center, and from its main golden-sand beaches and its picture-perfect port —which is a nautical, sportive and fishing port.

​Cambrils is located at the heart of the Costa Dorada, in the province of Tarragona, which is situated 100 km (i.e., 62.14 miles) south from Barcelona between the towns of Salou and Miami Playa.

Surrounded by mountain ranges and with over 10 km (6.21 miles) of beaches with golden, fine sand, this Catalan seaside town has a population of 33,535 and it is one of the leading tourist destinations in Catalonia - Spain, with over 2,802,145 tourists per year.

Costa Dorada

The Costa Daurada has always been a welcoming land, a place for reception.

Its excellent weather and its privileged location make it one of the most relevant tourist destinations in the Mediterranean. This is due to this territory, which is composed of six districts in the south of Catalonia, having more than 80 km of seafront but also mountains rich in natural and patrimonial resources.

​Under the wing of the coastline, along the length of beaches with fine sand and crystal-clear water, lie the main beach destinations. They are gifted with all kinds of services and with quality certifications that are renewed year after year.

The Costa Dorada is also an area with a high-quality leisure offer, an important entertainment option —PortAventura World. It is one of the main tourist attractions in the area, a park that is constantly making important investments in order to expand its range each season.

Its excellent weather, with warm summers, mild winters and low rainfalls, makes the Costa Dorada the perfect place for sport activities to be programmed and carried out all along the twelve months of the year.

Cambrils, Tourist Destination in the Costa Dorada

Cambrils is one of the nicest cities in the Costa Dorada, located just 20 km south of Tarragona, and it is a perfect holiday destination. Cambrils is sea, beach, gastronomy, family tourism, sport and water tourism, leisure and relax. Cambrils is a beautiful seafaring city.

The Best Beaches in Cambrils

Cambrils has ten beaches of the highest quality, spread along the length of 9 km (5.59 miles) of fine, golden sand, where the fantastic Mediterranean weather can be enjoyed.

​Family Tourism

Cambrils is one of the main destinations for family tourism. It has got playground areas and oasis for children in beaches, as well as having parks, safety guides and animation for children.


Arcs Daurada is an excellent, unique plot of land that is already prepared for the development of a good and profitable real estate project for a hotel-resort, aimed at the sector of family tourism —already consolidated in the area of the Costa Dorada—, or at the alternative sector of senior living, a growing sector in Spain.

This plot of land offers the possibility of developing a holiday resort, more specifically a family holiday resort, of 262 rooms and classified as a 4* first-class resort. It is aimed at being one of the best, most profitable resorts of family entertainment in the heart of Costa Dorada.

This plot of land also offers the possibility of developing the first senior resort in the Costa Dorada, with 162 houses and facilities suitable for older people (from 55 to 80 years old), with an operating model of vacation or lifelong rental, and with services of high performance.

  • The plot of land has an area of 28,154 m² (303,047 ft²) and a buildability of 14,077 m² (151,523,57 ft²). It is meant exclusively for hotel use and it is located in the Costa Dorada, in Catalonia (Spain), between Cambrils and Vinyols i els Arcs.

It is prepared and it has the corresponding licenses for its immediate development by the beginning of next year.

It is prepared and it has the corresponding licenses for its immediate development this year, 2021.

The real estate project that can be developed in this plot of land, Arcs Daurada, offers a good profitability. It represents a viable project of development and building, of commercialization and of exploitation of the hotel-resort.

For investors, the profitability in renting the asset is around 8% of the investment in the area.

For hotel operators, the profitability of the operation in the Cambrils-Costa Daurada area ranges between 7% and 15%, with an ADR of €94 and a RevPar of €68.

All the information and details of these analyses are available in the informative file that has been prepared by us. You can ask for information now.


It offers one of the best opportunities for a profitable business for investors, real estate developers, and especially for hotel operators that opt for investing in a hotel-resort project in Costa Dorada, Spain.

Arcs Daurada is the only plot of land in its urban sector, and it is located in an excellent area of Cambrils, the heart of Costa Dorada, a land of golden beaches, nature and a good quality of life. It is also one of the best tourist destinations of the Eastern Mediterranean, both nationally and internationally.

This plot of land is meant exclusively for hotel development and it is prepared for the urbanization and building processes to be started immediately.

Its operational viability and market viability are optimal.

It has got a buildability of 14,077 m², that is, 151,523,57 ft² (hotel-resort), which makes it possible for a 4* first-class hotel-resort to be developed. This hotel-resort is highly profitable due to its exclusivity and uniqueness in the area.

International tourism is constantly growing in the area and there is a steady demand of holiday housing and second homes. The need for expansion of similar projects that are now consolidated and that have been successful in this area ensures a good commercial viability. This, combined with the different models of commercialization and selling, guarantees its success.

The Spanish Golden Visa Programme strengthens the commercial viability of the promotion of holiday housing, and it is presented as an attractive investment opportunity to obtain the residence permit in Spain and in the European Union.

Aiming the urban development of this plot of land at alternative sectors like Senior Living & Healthcare can be a big real estate project, distinctive and exclusive in the area, and complementary to holiday tourism. It is worth noting that Spain is among the top-10 countries that are attractive to senior living in international countries where this model is strongly consolidated.

Owning this plot of land will allow you to develop a big real estate project and an innovative, exclusive hotel-resort, which will make it possible for you to obtain high recognition in the area. This means a distinguishing, qualitative step socially and economically speaking, and this positions Vinyols i els Arcs and Cambrils as the top locations in Costa Dorada for tourism and quality of life.

I​nvesting in buying this plot of land, Arcs Daurada, is economically profitable, about which you can find more details in our informative file. You can ask for information.


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"A new housing model for older than 65 years"

Development project in Costa Daurada - Spain

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