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Villa - Large Chalet
Travessia de Dalt, Móra d'Ebre (TARRAGONA)

for SALE

Where Dreams Come Trued! 

In the cheart of Mora d'Ebre, where the beauty of nature merges with modern comfort,stands majthis house is beautiful, a gem waiting to be discovered.

With 837 square meters of elegance and sophistication, this residence is located in a vast plot of 1,639 square meters, embraced by fruit trees that dance to the beat of the wind.And in its center, like the heart of a dream,a dream pool, protected by a cozy porch, and a party room that houses laughter and memories to be created.

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Villa - Large Villa on 1,639m2 land

Travessia de Dalt, Móra d'Ebre 


Basic characteristics

  • Villa - Great Chalet independent

  • 837 m² built - 1,639 m2 Land

  • 2 plants

  • 6 rooms - 4 byears

  • Terrors on each plant

  • Large Garden - Kitchen-Lounge - Barbecue

  • Large Pool (147m2-155,000 liters)

  • Own water well

  • Garage - Storage room

  • Second hand/good conditionequipped (furnished)

  • East-West orientation

  • Construction 1986

  • Natural gas - Energy consumption and emissions: E

A Refuge in the Heart of the City

This house, located in a central and serene urbanization of single-family homes, invites you to an unparalleled lifestyle. Less than 5 minutes away, the city services unfold at your feet, offering you comfort and accessibility. But that's not all, since its proximity to the Delta de l'Ebro Natural Park adds a touch of unique charm to this privileged location.


The Splendor of the Main Floor

When you cross the threshold of this residence, you are greeted by a spacious living-dining room, where the Travertine marble on the floors creates a timeless elegance. From here, a terrace extends, giving you spectacular views, a perfect corner to watch sunrises and sunsets. The kitchen, a space where aromas become memories, has its own terrace and a barbecue ready to create unforgettable banquets.


The elegance of the rooms

An elegant office, with its own fireplace, provides you with a refuge for concentration and inspiration. And we cannot forget the five double bedrooms, each with built-in wardrobes that keep secrets and treasures. One of them, a jewel in itself, houses a suite-style marble bathroom, while two others are pampered with additional bathrooms, one with a shower and the other with a bathtub, to pamper the other bedrooms.


The Magic of the Ground Floor

Under your feet, the ground floor reveals its secrets. Here, different rooms unfold, inviting you to explore. A party room, a space of joy and celebration to share with family and friends, awaits you with open arms. A laundry room, a cleaning and utility corner. A bathroom, designed for those who enjoy the sun and the water of the pool. And finally, a garage, a shelter for at least two large cars, a place where your vehicles rest safely.


An Outdoor Oasis

The exterior is a paradise to discover. A dream pool, with 147 square meters and 250,000liters of water, becomes the epicenter of yourrelaxation and fun.

And so you can enjoy the outdoors in all seasons, a spacious porch invites you to linger.


Modern and Extraordinary Amenities

Comfort is assured in this house. Electric radiators warm your rooms, while the air conditioning whispers freshness in two strategic areas.

This house goes beyond the ordinary. An own well, with a 400,000 liter water tank, ensures that the pool is always ready and that your garden remains green and lush thanks to an automatic irrigation system.


Unique Opportunities

But the most extraordinary is yet to come. The Mora d'Ebre City Council has granted permission to transform this house into an economic activity, like a luxurious hotel, giving you a unique investment opportunity.

In addition, you have authorization to build a third floor or install solar panels on the roof of the main floor, adding even more value to this exceptional property.


A Dream at Your Fingertips

Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity.

This house is more than a property; It is a lifestyle.

Your dream is waiting for you.

Sale Price



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Contact us now 

and we will inform you of this exclusive property for sale

Móra d'Ebre - Tarragona


Mora d'Ebre, a charming municipality in the province of Tarragona, Catalonia, has a rich history and a fascinating socio-economic context. This article will delve into the history, economy and daily life of Mora d'Ebre, giving you a complete overview of this picturesque place.

History of Mora d'Ebre

Mora d'Ebre has historical roots dating back to Roman times, when it was known as "Murtas". Over the centuries, it has experienced various cultural influences, from Muslim domination to Christian reconquest. In the 18th century, the city suffered serious damage during the War of the Spanish Succession, but managed to recover and prosper.

Economy and Agriculture

Mora d'Ebre's economy has traditionally been focused on agriculture. The fertile land along the Ebro River has allowed the cultivation of a wide variety of products, including citrus trees, olive trees and vineyards. The production of olive oil and wine has been an important source of income for the region. Furthermore, fishing in the Ebro River has been a crucial economic activity.

In more recent times, tourism has also begun to play a prominent role in Mora d'Ebre's economy. Its charming cobblestone streets, the Gothic church of Sant Joan Baptista and its impressive natural landscape attract visitors from all over.

Daily life

Life in Mora d'Ebre is calm and peaceful. The local inhabitants, known for their friendliness, follow a daily routine that often involves work on the land or in the tourism industry. The local gastronomy is delicious, with dishes such as "coca de recapte" and "paella" that stand out on restaurant menus.

The local festivities are colorful and full of life. The Fiesta Mayor, celebrated in honor of Sant Roc, is one of the most notable, with parades, fireworks and traditional dances attracting locals and visitors alike.

Current Challenges

Despite its beauty and rich history, Mora d'Ebre faces economic challenges in the modern era. Agriculture, despite being a pillar of the economy, faces problems related to drought and global competition. Tourism has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to the search for innovative solutions.

The Future of Mora d'Ebre

To ensure a prosperous future, Mora d'Ebre is exploring new opportunities. The promotion of sustainable tourism has become a priority, promoting outdoor activities and ecotourism. Additionally, investment in technology and diversification of the local economy are strategies that are being considered.

In short, Mora d'Ebre is a place with a rich history and unique charm. Its economy has evolved with el time, and daily life reflects the culture and tradition of the region. Despite the challenges, Mora d'Ebre has a bright future thanks to its entrepreneurial spirit and its desire to preserve its heritage.

Mora d'Ebrer.PNG
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