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Servicios | Guasch Asesores Inmobiliarios

Real Estate Services

At GUASCH Asesores Inmobiliarios we offer you professional REAL ESTATE SERVICES using an innovative and personalized methodology throughout our buying and selling process, and maintaining a permanent and quality after-sales service with all our clients.

Servicios | Guasch Asesores Inmobiliarios

PURCHASE of a Flat, House or Land in Cambrils

We offer a personalized, integral and highly effective Real Estate Advisory service to people like you who want to buy a home or land in Cambrils, with the aim of improving their quality of life,saving time, money and complications .


Generally we et the Home or Land you are looking for in a short time , advising you throughout the process and about the alternatives you have to finance it or obtain a mortgage loan.


Our way of working guarantees that you buy a home that adapts to your needs and your financial situation.


Our successful strategy starts from the moment you contact us. We analyze your situation, we advise you without any commitment and we detail our service and way of working.

Compra Vivienda | Guasch Asesores Inmobiliarios

We like what we do, we know what we do and we know the real estate market in Cambrils very well. As a client, you will be the first beneficiary of our professionalism.We know where and how to find the homes and land that our clients are looking for.


We always sell flats, houses and land that have an adequate market price , are well located and have all the necessary data for their sale.


We are one of the best options in Cambrils to find the home or Land you are looking for.


All the properties we offer are of quality, without any legal transmission problem and a good purchase or investment opportunity for you.


Call us at +34 600 573 766 and we will show you


SALE of a Flat, House or Land in Cambrils

We offer a Personalized and Exclusive Real Estate Advisory service for owners like you who wish to sell a property in Cambrils quickly and at the best market price .


We are continuously looking for apartments, houses and land in Cambrils. We are specialized in this population .


Due to the way we work,every week we receive requests from clients who are looking for a particular property and ask us to help them find it.


Although we have a portfolio of flats, houses and land in various areas of Cambrils, sometimes we do not have the property that our clients want; so we are always capturing properties that we sell quickly .

Venta Vivienda | Guasch Asesores Inmobiliarios

Our way of working guarantees us in a high percentage that we sell your property quickly . We offer you a real estate consultancy that generates results for our clients.


Our successful strategy starts from the moment you contact us. After a telephone conversation we will inform you if we can help you, and if so, we will arrange a meeting as soon as possible to analyze your property, advise you without any commitment and detail our service and way of working.


Knowing your objective and the means we have to achieve it, we will select the best real estate options for you, providing you not only with the information but also the management of all intermediate procedures, so that you can make the most reasonable and profitable decision at all times.


Call us at +34 600 573 766 and we will show you



We provide a real estate advisory service to determine the real market value of your House, Apartment or Land according to its physical, legal and commercial characteristics of the moment.


Our valuations are rigorous and professional .


With our appraisals you will know the price in the current market to achieve a fair exchange for both parties, (buyer and seller), of a property during the negotiation.


If you need to make an assessment we can help you . We will explain the process we follow. We are fast and professional.

Valoración Vivienda | Guasch Asesores Inmobiliarios


We advise you on the financing alternatives that best suit you for the purchase of your property.


We do not always get better mortgage conditions than what your bank can offer you, but on many occasions we have improved conditions for our clients.


We do not represent any bank.


We stay informed of the mortgage conditions in the market to know which is The best option at the moment .


Having access to this information allows us to help our clients negotiate better loan conditions with their bank.

Financiación | Guasch Asesores Inmobiliarios

Attracting INVESTORS

Our public relations, nationally and internationally , characterize us as excellent advisers to attract investors for the development of Real Estate Promotions on the Costa Dorada of a residential, tourist-hotel nature, or for alternative sectors such as Senior Living, and also to attract investors related to the Golden Visa Spain Program .


We participate in international events where we offer our best products to foreign investors.


Our network of contacts in Spain, Miami (USA), Turkey, Dubai, NovaDelhi, Monaco, Stockholm, Dublin, Cannes, Moscow, Serbia, etc. they are our greatest allies.

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