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Housing Price Guide in Cambrils

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"Housing Price Guide in Cambrils"

In this Guide you will find the best information on real housing prices in the different areas of Cambrils

In this informative guide you will find first-hand and very current data on house prices in different areas of Cambrils.


  • They are market prices that we have prepared following a specific methodology and analyzing the houses sold during a reasonable period of time.


  • At GUASCH Asesores Inmobiliarios we know each area well , we sell houses and land every month in different areas of Cambrils and part of our job is to keep up with the real estate market in Cambrils.


  • We know how the real estate supply and demand is in Cambrils , and that it is different from what the real estate portals and sometimes some media indicate. We all know the difference between putting a home up for sale and finally selling it.


  • The market prices described in this report are calculated considering several factors, including the supply and demand for homes in each area.


  • Factors such as the proximity to the beach, the existence of public lighting in the streets, the existence of vegetation that favors the aesthetics of the area, the fact that the streets are orderly, or the proximity to services such as supermarkets or places of interest.


  • All these characteristics are what a buyer client values ​​(and others). That is why you should take them into account before assigning a value to your home .


  • In this report, we did not want to discuss the upward or downward trend in real estate, so as not to overload this informative guide. The variation is around 5% above or below.


  • We wanted to give it an eminently practical character , providing you with valuable data that will help you sell your property at the right price.


  • It is normal for every homeowner to price their home higher than the market supports; But if you want to sell your home now, quickly and at the best price, the information in this guide will provide you with the information you need.


  • Contact us and we will show you that you are going to be in good hands.

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